This is David. He likes aircraft.....

This is Stephan. He also likes aircraft

Stephan started his career in the German air-force as commissioned officer and holds a university degree in business sciences...

Our History

Tama was founded in 2011 by aircraft dedicated professionals which had strong relations to the general, commercial  and military aerospace industry

The decision was made to start a multicultural advisory company with subsidiaries on important aviation hubs of the world.  The distinguishing factor to other advisory company should become the requirement that any consultant should have at least a five year experience in a management or executive position and used in hands-on working. 

The new company was dedicated to small and mid-sized companies. The company was  named  TAMA, the native American word for thunder, as a promise to its clients to make the difference with significant advisory. 

TAMA quickly identified the SLOGAN that would define the commitment, TAMA INTERNATIONAL CONSULT:


TAMAAERO is a division of TAMA INTERNATIONAL CONSULT INC., dedicated to applications of the general aviation industry.

Tama international Consult Inc.

Solar T62-32 Engines


" your success is our mission"

We are a aircraft fanatics and specializing in Solar T62 engines. As the agreed Alpi Pioneer dealer for North-America we will bring this aircraft to the US market. We are working as manufacturers agencies for aircraft related products.